We Help Make Our Planet a Cleaner and Healthier Place

Reducing Plastic Pollution


Natrify is the first company of its kind in the MENA region to provide sustainable solutions for the bioplastic industry through biotechnology. Through our patented product Adigide we are using microorganisms to assist plastic using businesses diminish their negative environmental impact by providing them with our packaging that is naturally biodegradable

was founded by a group of environmental enthusiasts who noticed a significant misinterpretation in the market approach to the plastic dilemma, where most substitutes do not address the entire plastic problem and are economically inefficacy which lead companies to either choose efficiency in terms of easiness in use, weight and price by using plastic and risk having a non-green profile or to compromise this efficiency by going green and relying on one of the current substitutes which mostly needed consumer education or did not meet the basic needs of the company With this problem in mind we asked ourselves a question “why compromise when we can sustain”, that’s when we launched ‘’adigide’’ a product that is aimed to have a positive impact on the environment while maintaining all companies needs for efficiency.

To provide sustainable solutions to the most pressing environmental problems that our world face and facilitate the shift towards environmentally friendly products by removing the most common barriers to this transition

To be the leading company in environmental change and reshape the approach towards environmental conservation by empowering all consumers to be environmental visionaries.

How it works


Adigide is a set of single-use products that have been developed by Natrify through the use of genetically modified microorganisms to be used in the packaging industry as the best option to replace plastics due to its similarity in characteristics and number of applications to plastics as well as having a selling price that matches the stock price of plastics creating a high value proposition for prospective customers.

In a nutshell

Adigide begins its lifecycle when our genetically modified microorganism is put inside a fermentation environment with nutrients and conditions that are optimal for it to produce inside od it our desired polymer. After the fermentation process is over the product is then extracted and dried into powder to be then formed into resins that can be used in almost all packaging applications. After its lifetime is over the product then biodegrades naturally in any environment including homes, soil and sea into Co2 and H2o to be then nutritious once again to the environment it lands in.

The Commercial

At this facility Natrify would be working with a fully commercial model where we will be relying on wastes as a raw material and taking the full production process in house. The facility is expected to have an average capacity of 170 to 250 tons per month a with an expectation for it to be running for a one-year period At this facility we will start introducing the carrier bags Adigide with an expansion in our customer base to include the retail, ecommerce and logistics industries with an expansion in the Egyptian market.

This will be the first commercial scaleup for Natrify where our full; production capacity will be at 10,000 tons annually at this facility we will expand our product lines to include packaging films and shrink wrap Adigide and it will be the first international expansion in the region to the Saudi market.

This facility will have a total annual capacity of 50,000 tons and an expansion in our product lines to include food packaging Adigide and the first introduction to our franchising and licensing model where we will start introducing them to fuel our expansion to the MENA region.

This facility will have a total annual capacity of 70,000 tons And the expansion in our product lines to include bottles and beauty packaging Adigide with the first introduction of our genetically modified crops as a raw material and entering the USA market.